CKNA Expands

CKNA continues to expand with the addition of Cup Karts Canada.

Curious how this plays with Kart Stars Canada.

I didn’t see the schedule for their Canadian events, any idea where they’re being held? Kartstars is only in Ontario, so unless CKNA is coming to Ontario as well, i don’t know that it will effect much.

Edit, I just saw the 2 Canadian dates/locations and neither conflict with Kartstars, also doesn’t appear to conflict with the Motomaster Ron Fellows series, so I doubt it would be an issue up here. I just wonder if Ontario as a whole has too many options for high level regional series for a relatively small group of Karters.

I forgot about the Ron Fellows deal.

Kinda goes back to the conversation on here and with Kart Chaser about too many series in one area.

On the plus side, they will dominate lo206 with all that opportunity for high level racing. Assuming that there’s enough folks.

Interesting, I run CKNA South and they are fantastic IMHO. Never run their North division, but I assume it follows suit with the same excellent driver experience. I heard WKA had a failed attempt to partner with CKNA here in the states, (Rumor was CKNA didn’t want to touch WKA with a long stick) hence why WKA is now trying to strike out on their own. :man_shrugging:

But hey if CKNA expands to Canada, that would be awesome. CKNA already has some stupid fast Lo206 competition, so an expansion into that market would be HUGE as I’ve heard those Canucks can seriously wheel.

Any idea where the 2 races will be held? I don’t see anything in the article.

I found it in another article. One round was in Trois Rivieres, the other is at Goodwood.

One thing I’m curious to find out, is if the Canadian rounds will follow the CKNA class structure, or the Briggs Canadian rulebook that all the clubs up here follow. The class structure isn’t the same between them.

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