CKNA Winter Nationals- From a FNG's Perspective

Aaargh. Once we had a race where one of the older guys who races senior came into our Masters race to ride with his buddy. He ended up pushing his buddy to the front which chapped my hide pretty bad.

I complained to Marco. My take was I am happy to race the guy but not happy that he came to, instead, push his pal forwards. Same team. Kinda lame.

I mean, I could ask TJ to come bump draft me and get me ahead of Bonanno someday but that would not be an accomplishment.

Anyways I griped to the guy, too. I think he was just having a laff and forgot that the masters guys care about their standings, too. Beneath this friendly facade is a hyper-competitive butthead that wants trophies!

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This could be prevented if they weight you before each session (or event… & if you change driver, you should check weights again)… if you’re under weight you’re not allowed to race the heat… (Also checking weight after every heat off course)

TJ has been bump drafting my karting knowledge base ever since I joined KP! :rofl:

Great knowledge base, super humbled that he shares so much with people just starting out :+1:

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Hey Dean @IRQVET,

It was great to meet you this weekend.

The family spent a couple extra days in Florida and I just got back. Heck of a fun weekend even if my results didn’t show it (my son did well, at least).

I look forward to seeing you again soon! We’ll get @CrocIndy healthy so he can come next time too.


That is BS. I would be torqued too. Miss the weight by 10# maybe but any more and the penalty should be severe, especially if the underweight driver impacted the results.

Found another video of a guy in the pack, and dam, from his camera angle I looked so sloppy. LOTS of mistakes, but I have to admit I’m still trying to learn how to navigate traffic and the draft; when to pass, stuff like that. (I’m blue suit, green lettering #129)

Rear pack problems :triumph:

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To be precise… that’s front of rear pack! Don’t sell yourself short! Cool finding footage of yourself, that’s a rarity.

Braking seems like it’s kept to a minimum on this track in lo. How tight to each others times are the fastest folks? Seems like it would be very closely stacked.

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Top 10’s fast laps were all within 2 tenths in the 1st heat.

Curtis I’m looking to improve my lap times next round, so I need to ask, do you have enough room on your kart that I can affix my transponder?



Haha I do have 2 mounts on my kart…

From what I’m hearing, there should be a decent 206 class at the Monticello club race this weekend. Unfortunately, I won’t make it

Kart count for CKNA Monticello as of last night was about 90. The Junior class is HUGE! I’m curious to see if it’ll break 100 entries, that would be awesome! Not sure what JAX brought in last go :thinking:

How many karts will they run at once per race?

No clue. The most I’ve seen at one time was 25-30? Depends on the track, but often times they split the a big field in group A and group B.

Scaning the entries on Race Select, we have people coming to Florida from as far as WI, OH, and NY .

I like seeing CKNA growing in poplarity like it is. :+1:

I was told winter nats had 185 entries.

At JAX or all together?