Cleaning up OTK mag rims

I didn’t plan for this but I ended up buying out a guy and all his kart stuff. SO MANY WHEELS!! Lots of OTK and others. But wondering how I could clean up the OTK wheels so they just look better. I know some of these are worth a pretty penny.

Let me know some tips

Holy Cow that’s a lot of rims! Maybe some car polish, I bet if you used some along with some microfiber towels and some elbow grease they would look great. I would then spray them with something like motul shine and go or a spray wax like that, really helps keep them clean and shiny!

Damn that’s a gold mine!

The hardest part is going to be identifying what’s what. I printed out the otk wheel list with pictures to try to match. It really was quite a find. 6 more bins of stuff to go thru!

Jeez that’s a lot of rims. Nice find.

Jealous. Would love some of them to finally get rid of my Douglas/swift wheels

It’s interesting you mention getting rid of Douglas/Swift wheels. Jeff said something similar the last time I saw him. What’s the issue with the Douglas and Swift wheels?

No issues as far as I know. A lot of the Douglas wheels here are aluminum and I don’t use the aluminum wheels. I have a few sets that of the magnesium wheels that I have kept for backup and such. But if given the option between OTK and Douglas wheels I will be using the OTK since they offer different grip profiles. I also like how the gold rims look.