Clone engine oil

Can u buy oil for a clone at the auto parts store

Will you be racing? Typically race series will mandate an oil you have to run.

Oh ok yes sir i wanna race but wont be able to for a month or so theres just no where around me that sells oil was trying to get some just for now

Space Coast classes info:

Classes 2022
Beginner 5 -8 clone . small pipe . shoe clutch - red plate 225 pounds ( class based on skill level )
​Novice 5-8 clone, small pipe , shoe clutch - red plate 225 pounds (class based on skill level)
Rookie 5-8 clone, small pipe, shoe clutch - red plate 225 pounds
GEAR RULE - FOR 2022 - 16 / 60

Let’s look for ruleset and your oil

Not seeing anything about oil and gas. I did see that tires appear to be open choice.

You are correct, there is a race Saturday. That would be a good day to go snoop around and make some friends. May 6, gates open at 11.

Dom thanks for the info

All the honda for irrigation at work run sae 30 didnt know if that was what i was suppose to use

Probably not. We tend to use kinda pricey oil. Racing stuff.

Dunno what your finances are like but if it’s in the cards, I’d go find yourself a builder to do a once over and help you get prepped to be on track. Also to help you going forwards. When you go on Saturday, maybe you can ask the folks who are running the series who to talk to.

“Hey I have an oval kart that I acquired and I’d like to race. I’m new and have no idea how to get started or even if my kart is good to go. Who can I talk to about the kart and series?”

Dom would love to go but already have plans to drive a nascar sat for my birthday at daytona gonna go may 20

You could also look up the engine builder and give 'em a holler. They could tell you what oil. Maybe they’d be willing to do a once over and tell you what’s needed to get out on track.

And happy birthday!

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Good option would be something designed for an aircooled motorcycle engine, a Harley for example. These oils are designed to work in the higher localized temps that aircooled engines experience.

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Yes. I recommend an API SN or SP oil, 10W40 for a clone. Conventional/mineral is fine. Modern additives reduce wear better than the old ones did. You’ll have to change it frequently as there’s no disposable filter.