Closest track to Huntsville, Alabama

Thinking about a possible career move to Alabama. And was wondering what my closest option is going to be for a track. I know I have lots of options for weekend drives. But hoping I’m not driving 3-4 hours for practice days and such

Only place I’ve been in Alabama is Barber. No kart track but worth a visit. The museum is nice and they have sculptures all over the place.

Atlanta would be the biggest track to you, at a 3.5 hr drive. Never been to that track, but I hear good things. :man_shrugging:

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There’s a good club in Murfreesboro TN. Cannot remember the name of it.

This one?

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Nashville only an hour and a half or so

Yes, Jamie and Miss Christine are great people!

amp is a great track (also my home track ) its solid for practice because it has lots of different types of corners it has a best competition probably the best in the are unless you wanna drive to gopro.

For races we will travel. But just trying to find the best local place to put in laps to stay sharp.


cool so id guess for practice Nashville would be your best bet for practice altho it looks like it has a small grid.

Hey TKA is my club, we race at twin fountains in Shelbyville, TN. I love it great, people and very professional while maintaining a fun a atmosphere. On the last race of the season when it was pouring and freezing we still had a 12 kart grid.

TKA has some weird rules though. I was looking at them, and that whole add 10 pounds of weight to compensate for the lack or aero threw me for a loop? As did the 360 lbs for a heavy class.

I think that applies to the full fiberglass body karts like the ones used in dirt track racing. I know what you’re talking about but I’ve never heard or seen anyone talk about it. I know during weigh-in the guy just makes sure you’re at 360 and keeps the line moving.

We live in Scottsboro, about 45 miles east of Huntsville. I’ve not been to the Murfreesboro track, but that’s a super easy drive from Huntsville.

AMP is right at 3 hours from Huntsville, the worst part of making a one day trip is the time zone change. We race and practice there, but it requires that you leave the house at about 3:30am central time. It must be worth it though, cause we do it about three times a month…lol

And Oliver is right, the track is pretty epic, and the race day competition is good. Several good drivers there, including Oliver😉

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I can say that AMP is hands down the coolest track I’ve been on. It almost feels like a golf course, links style. I mean this in a good way.

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I’m also located in Huntsville, AL. I will be buying my first kart at the end of the month. I’m planning on either racing at Twin Fountain or AMP. Which has the better turnout for LO206? Would you mainly do the AMP season and mix in Twin Fountain or vise versa? Does Twin Fountain have open practice days?

amp has the better grids and just a all around a better rounded track.

Olivier is right, amp has better turnouts and yeah it would make sense to mix both seasons especially in your first season to get as much exposure and seat time as possible. Both AMP and Twin Fountains do overlap with their track days a couple times this season. Twin Fountains does have one more open practice day this year (March 26) which is a race day at AMP. There was going to be a practice this Saturday but it isn’t really supposed to get up above freezing here. If you have any questions about days at Twin Fountains you can look on the Tennessee Karting associations page on Facebook.

amp has practice days ever thursday,friday,saturday,sunday unless theres a special event or wether prevents them