Closest Tracks to Chicago for Winter Karting?

Hey guys!

I just got my kart running and spent a few minutes ripping around the long driveway of my apartment complex–much to the delight of my neighbors I’m sure.

For everyone’s sanity–and so that I don’t have to just count the days until spring, are there any quasi-nearby tracks that might be open occasionally during nice days in the winter? Happy to drive a handful of hours in whatever direction, take a weekend trip, etc. Ideally closer than Florida–is that my only real option?

There’s not really anything nearby that is open during the winter. CHMS tends to stay open longer and open earlier than most places in the area.

Mid-State Kart Club is open year round in Springfield IL, so you could head out there whenever you wanted to and it’s not terribly far away. It’s a good 206 track to learn on as well.

That’s what I’d heard! Word on the street is they’ll open up on those rare warm winter days. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed for a few.

Oh nice, good to know! That’s not too far in the grand scheme of things. Definitely doable for a practice weekend!

We just had a couple balmy days in NY/NJ that made me jones for some karting!

Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has contact info for Mid-State? Tried the numbers on google and their website last week, along with an email to the club president the other day, but haven’t gotten a response yet. Weather looks halfway decent for this weekend, so I’m hoping to be able to get out on track!

Maybe try Facebook? Their page seems fairly active.

Ahh, good idea. I’ll reach out on there!

Buffalo Grove and Addison have indoor facilities with electric rentals. I’ve been to the Wheeling location and it was a good layout in there. My office is not far from either if you want to race! They both run leagues too!