Club Racing - Budget for the Briggs 206

Add to the conversation and provide your feedback on the below article for the Briggs 206 Budget. Feedback is welcome so we can adjust to make a more accurate reference.

Norcal Karters - Briggs 206 Budget

I think your tire budget will depend on your tire/track surface. Last few years our club has run the bridgestone YDS. You could get a full season out of those no problem. This year we have switched to MG, and from what I hear they most likely will need to be replaced once or twice.

My experience is based on the use of MG Reds and the Evinco Blue tires. I also based it off of performance, not just how much rubber was left on the tire.

I agree the racing surface will affect the results. Our track is a little bumpy, but the surface is non porous. There was a distinct difference in my old races tires vs the new race tires. The kart had to be freed up with new tires, which is what I was hoping for and expecting.

Thank you for your input. Let’s keep this rolling for the new guys

John, the 4 stroke classes will be using MG Oranges. I believe those will be hard enough to get a full season out of them, or at the least I would guess 2/3 of a season. Part of that change was the no tire treatment rule that came into effect. Since that started, I heard multiple people saying they’d prefer a slightly softer tire because without treatment the YDS tires are horrible to drive on. We’ll have to see how the first season goes and we can switch to MG Blues, the harder compound, if the membership wants to.

As an anectote, the guy that won the class championship in 2014, 2015, and took second this year in Yamaha Sr. ran his race tires down to the cords before he got a new set. Especially at the club level, new tires will only help so much over driving.

This topic reminds me… I have a budget sheet somewhere I used to use to plan my season. Been thinking of making a topic around it… But… time…

FWIW, Concept Haulers Runs MG Blues. As someone who has raced a both tracks(well my son). I am in a bit of pickle having to buy 3 sets of tires to race at the three local tracks. Road America runs Bridgeston YDS the former Badger Tire. If they moved to the blues their is more likely they will both get visitors.

We ran MG Blues for a season on a sportsman LO206 kart and then used them for the next two years. Good hard cycling tire.


Steve, we are in the same pickle jar along with several others that will be running both CHMS and Badger. Make your voice heard at the Feb drivers’ meeting if you would like to try to convert Les over to Oranges.

We ran a 1/2 season on MG blues with much life left also. As you know - no grip compared to other tires.

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Badger has indicated that they may not stick with orange and may change. Likely candidates are Red and Blue. Can’t make the meeting but I did make my thoughts known on the FB page.

Ive been around Karting A long time. No race team or budget is ever the same. That’s A given, but when answering this question to A new comer I always answer with this. Even after the initial purchase of your kart and motor, expect the first years budget to be in the $5,000.00 dollar range. then the next 3-4 years will go down from there. I will explain to them this, I have seen SO MANY new comers come in spend money week after week getting the latest and greatest thing because they are not fast and do not have legitimate goals set in place from the beginning. Weather parts breaking from inexperience (bent spindles, broken bolts, gears) and not to mention special tools. After 15+ years in karting I spend around 1500 or less total including entrance fees for around 10 races A year. I do all my work myself and get used parts when available. The budget depends on what you want to get out of karting.