Clue me in on how to register & update the firmware on my Mychron 5

I tried to register my device on the AIM site, but I received no email confirmation. Now when I attempt to log in, I’m prompted to check my email, but did not receive confirmation. :frowning: :frowning_face:

So I tried to go ahead & get the firmware updates, but Race Studio 3 doesn’t seem to show my device (WIFI mode is ON, channel select is AUTO), but I’m not getting anything.

Is this a common experiencer, or am I just having special luck?


Should be able to just download in RS3, but I have had issues before where my computer can’t find the MyChron to connect to.

Did you try restarting your computer and resetting the MyChron WiFi configuration in the settings menu? Sometimes that fixes connection issues.

I didn’t think rebooting was needed, but I could do that. What would I need to reset in the config menu? I made sure the WiFI setting is ON, & channels are AUTO. That said, my WiFi has password protect, & I’m guessing the Mychron doesn’t do security layer handling, so maybe that’s the issue…?

I think it’s “Reset WiFi CFG” or something in the WiFi menu. If you hit that it will cycle the WiFi on the MyChron and sometimes that helps.

I have that set up, but when I mouse hover over the WiFI icon, it doesn’t list any devices (Mychron 5S). It’s like RS3 doesn’t function at all. Just static interface shell with no functionality.

Do you a connection to both the M5 and your network as the same time?

Disregard my previous reply. You should only need a connection to the internet to download the latest updates. Hope the following link helps.
(22) Race Studio Analysis 3 - Tutorial 1 - Getting Started - YouTube

That’s the rub. I’m not seeing how to establish the connection to the Mychron. All the tutorials I can find seem to indicate that you configure settings in the menu & it should just automatically be detected, but I get nothing. I wish AIM would make the process clear(er).

That video is fine for learning how to work with the software, but it doesn’t deal with connectivity issues. There’s a built in assumption that it’ll just be detected, which isn’t happening in my case.

Review Chapter 6 of the M5 manual to setup the Wi-Fi connection. For now, setup the MyChron5 network as an AP.