Clutch Done?

Hey community!
After about an hour worth of lapping in a parking lot course that I made with pylons, the clutch on my GX160 motor was so slippy that it hardly got the kart rolling when starting from a stop. QUESTION: is this clutch done - or could I sand it up? Are the $30 clutches on Amazon a “good enough” option for something to have fun with or will I just burn something like that out in no time? Running a #35 15T sprocket currently.

Oh yeah that’s toast. You’ll need new shoes for
Sure. Do you have a track you could try the kart out on?

If you gear it short enough to not slip too much an inexpensive clutch might get you going. What rear sprocket is in there.

NorAm offer an inexpensive clutch that reasonably durable.

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Hi @KartingIsLife, thanks for your input! Turns out the Canadian NorAm distributor is right in my city, Calgary, which makes shipping free and turn around time next to nothing!

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The clutch looks like it wore down to metal in a few spots and seeing the shiny abrasions on the drum i would suggest you replace that too.

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Thanks, I’m giving an inexpensive option a try… a Bravex clutch with a 12T sprocket. It comes with a new drum.