Clutch Ping Sound and Metal Shavings?


All that metal shaving MAY be coming from your seat strut. That bolt on kind you have there is extremely notorious for flexing into the chain especially when it’s that close…

That sprocket looks in rough shape through the chain guard holes as well… Can’t tell without a good picture off the kart like others have said though.

I thought the seat strut as well and very well maybe, Im getting new sprocket this week when I get that all aligned back up ill see where things stand.

“Ping” sound is really vague. so many things come to mind. Detonation makes that sound. Detonation, a spontaneous explosion of the fuel mixture, is caused by excessive heat and/or pressure in the engine. Being lean is the major reason. A chain hitting a chain guard can sound like a ping. Something wrong in the clutch.

The pinging noise in the video definitely sounds like a clutch drum flopping around with the shoes not engaged. Sounds like a fast idling stinger.

Haha my stinger does do that. Was concerned with the noise until every kart on the grid with a stinger was also pinging.