Clutch rebuild question

Im rebuilding my tomar td23-2 disc clutch and im concerned about wear on the drive hub. Is this a major issue or can i just get a new set of discs and a new rotor and be on my way?





Blake, there are replacements for every part in this clutch. I used to get mine from Franklin Motor Sports. Take a look at the cost of all the parts you need to replace and see how the price stacks up against a new clutch. If the clutch you have works well, you could used it as a spare if you get a new one. Or run the one you have until it fails and then switch to the new one.
Another choice is return it to Tomar and have them rebuild it.

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In my humble opinion, unless you have the correct tools to rebuild a clutch I always looked at my clutches the same as my motor build. I’ll spend a few extra bucks to have a reputable builder rebuild my clutches. Have him make sure it’s set up correctly.

You’re fine with just new discs and a rotor. I’d also get some shims if you don’t have any.

The only tools you need are some feeler gauges to set air gap. A spring height gauge is nice but not necessary. Setting up Yamaha and 206 clutches isn’t black magic.

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206, no. But a Yamaha clutch not setup right can make huge difference. Nothing is black magic I would just rather worry about getting my chassis set up right vs that and engine/clutch being correct also. Plus if you think you might be having clutch issues it’s tough to ask for help at the track from an expert if you didn’t pay them to rebuild it in the first place.


Thank you very much for the input guys!