Clutch Sprocket? OEM or Aftermarket

Just bought a 4 race old BBS KA100. Clutch sprocket has some wear and i’m wanting to replace it. OEM sprockets are $70 but an aftermarket RK Japan is only $38. am i missing out going for the aftermarket to save quite a few bucks? or is there no discernible difference.

Depends where you race. I tried an off brand and actually had a ton of issues. I’m all for supporting local shops. But there are some places online where they sell for substantially cheaper and I just ordered a bulk quantity.

I say depends where you race because some require iame branded components.

Very timely. I just purchased a non OEM 13T driver. It’s horrible. I had to spend an hour fitting the driver to drum and it’s still not perfect. There is some wobble that I don’t think I can’t get out. My recommendation don’t.

Also the needle bearing surface is plain steel and not bronze as in the OEM.

The RK sprocket might be ok but my no brand was a POS.

As mentioned if you race under USPKS rules or similar the factory driver is required. I’ve used the aftermarket drivers that Mondo Kart and Acceleration karting sell during practice (10T) without issue, but I’m always paranoid I’ll get DQ’d on race day so only race with IAME ones.

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I have been DQ’ed for non-OEM driver. Meant to only use it for practice and switch to OEM for official sessions but I forgot.

after reading all the replies i’m going to get the off brand for now while i’m still tuning my kart and setting it up for next season. then switch to oem for races

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I had an issue with an off brand that once you put the nut on it had no play on the shaft and made it direct drive. Luckily it was cheap so I just tossed it and only use oem since

Aftermarket often wears faster and have bad fitment unfortunately

Since I don’t have a choice. I’m running without the thrust washer.