Clutch wear

Ive got two kids that race Lo206, both are using the hillard fire clutches, but on one of them the shoes almost worn down to were the groves are gone while the other clutch looks like it has very little wear. Both clutches have almost the same amount of laps on them. Is there anything that could be causing this, or is it all about how they drive? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any chance one of them is getting Rev happy while sitting on the grid? I know the kids love to tap the throttle while on grid in our club

Also, are both clutches setup the same? Same weights, same springs etc.

They both are set up the same. By rev happy do you mean hitting the throttle then letting off without the kart moving?

Yes, ive seen kids smoke a clutch from blipping the throttle while sitting on the grid

neither one of them sit there and do that, but as soon as the motor is started they take off.

Then my final wild ass guess is there could be some manufacturing variation, being stamped drums. Perhaps one drum isnt as round as the other, has some high spots etc, causing uneven engagement. I turn all my kid’s clutch drums on the lathe to true them up when i buy them. Seems to help even wear.

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Dragging the brakes on track will roast a clutch quickly. It’s a common habit for young drivers in 206 to not lift and just brake with throttle on.


Ive had to get onto my oldest(the one whose clutch is worn) about doing that. Thanks

Yep this.

When they come off track feel how warm the axle is next to the brake disc. If its hot hot they are probably dragging the brakes excessivelt.

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