Clyde (OH) Grand Prix Entry Form!

Since we’ve been going on lately about street races and how they seem to be an endangered species, here is the entry form for the Clyde Grand Prix street race in Clyde, OH (~1 hr east of Toledo) on Sept 17. It is held as part of the Clyde Fair weekend so there are plenty of spectators and fair food. My son and I ran last year and had a blast. It’s a single day event that has been running for 30+ years. If you’re anywhere close by, it’s absolutely worth doing! There were just over 100 karts last year and it would be great to do even better than that this year! Come on out and play!

2023 Clyde Fair Grand Prix Flyer.pdf (200.1 KB)


Talk of the “shitcane” reminded me of this little incident in the 90’s. I’ll have to reupload in better quality sometime. Looks horrendous :laughing:

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Straw bales done well can absorb a lot of energy but they can make a mess. When you use the big bales, they don’t move so much and this happens… My son Conor is in the 0 kart. The driver that came out of the kart was shaken up but seemed to otherwise be OK. Conor said the guy overcooked the corner and the bale grabbed his kart. Conor and two other karts were right behind and got caught up in the schlomozzle (H/T to David Hobbs for the term). Everyone else was fine and either continued or started the Feature race. The Shitcane was pretty low key this time. The excitement relocated itself to other parts of the track.

Clyde is like a time capsule of street races from the 1990s and early 2000’s.

Man-made chicanes, straw bales, standing starts. Lots of old school “cool” stuff.

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That’s the worst, sometimes there’s just no room or time and :boom:

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I like how he seemed to have the presence of mind to raise his hand one he stopped spinning… :cyclone:

It occurs to me with those hay bales…

We could get some kiddie pools, plywood and go effing nuts.

If we can’t have insurance, let’s jump the shark, literally.

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The ultimate water hazard!

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