Cold Weather Karting

As we move into fall we have a race coming up where it will likely be in the upper 50’s to maybe 60 and partly to mostly cloudy. What are some changes recommended for this situation?

You’ll need some gaffer tape for the radiator, to close off a large portion of it to maintain optimum engine temperature. How much to block off - you’ll figure out during practice.

Running x30 in those temperatures mid winter I leave about a letter box size opening.

Higher tire pressure, richer carb settings, and in general trying to get the kart to jack weight and get traction more aggressively.

I personally enjoy the cooler weather and less grippy conditions. Add a touch of caster, maybe a softer or harder axle depending on chassis, bump the pressures a bit and let it rip. Benefits of cooler weather I find is you can get after it harder. A slight lockup getting on the brakes or small skid in the rear won’t cook your tires.

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I agree, I’ll take a cold day over a hot day anytime, denser air = more power. Always thought the club should have a summer break for June July and August. Start earlier, end later.

We run as cold as 25 degrees in our winter series average temp 35 degrees. I run an otk 401r in the 206 class at 385lbs. Ive found that about 10psi over my summer pressure is a good atarting point. 5mm wider on the front helps get the front working quicker and the rear i switched to a q axle which really seems to stabilize the braking and add some grip. 50 60 degrees like youre talking and on an otk i really dont do anything different other than pressure. And carb