Cold weather, which wheel/rim? Mag.? Alum.?

Hello KP members, we are now entering a cold weather period in Brazil (18ºC in average is cold for us) so I am looking for a set of wheels to help keep tire temperature above 80ºC . I usually have DWT M-SERIES – LV (LOW VOLUME) in the summer period and it works fine, but it seems to be too much ventilated for the winter. I was wondering about a less-ventilated wheel or maybe a different raw material. Any suggestion?

18C is not cold enough to require a drastic change in wheel construction. I’ve run MXCs in 50-100F with no issues.

If you wanted to try something else, a standard Douglas magnesium wheel, not vented, might be a good tweak. But definitely don’t need aluminum for 18C.

The AMV line has a lot of options as well and I liked my 3Fs I ran last year. They might be good for those conditions as well, as I felt they ran a little hot for the racing I did with them at 70-80F ambient.

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When you say Standard Douglas Mag you mean the first or the second one in the picture below?

Either one is probably fine. But the vented would be my choice.

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