Colton Herta 1998 Reynard-Cosworth CART Indy Car Visor Cam

Nothing more needs to be said really. Turn it up!


This should be the video we use for the new guys asking about shifters as the first kart.

That looks tiring.


Wholy mother of god… you need some big cojones for that.

How about this then?

Talk about balls. There are bits in here where it feels lethal.

The passing sounds…


Just the audio of this video is brilliant! Looks like an absolute beast to drive. Thanks for sharing!

Man i miss those cars. Seeing them race in person was an experience. SOOO much louder and more violent than the current indycars

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Theraphy for my ears.

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I have to incorporate this into my drive to the track soundtrack. Mysteriously its both soothing and invigorating. How is that possible?

Growing up, we had both the original soundtrack from Grand Prix, and this gem:

There is some great audio of the engines of the day (starting at around 10:20), and before that some cool interviews, for example with Graham Hill:

“I get into the car for that very purpose; to prove that I’m better than somebody else… I’m not always successful, but I’m sure I always have an excuse for that” :rofl:

Anyway, I used to drive my parents crazy playing it over, and over, and over.

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That’s an interesting album idea. Also, all this will be lost to the mists of time so a fine idea.