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I’m running the BKC club series and the Route 66 race when it comes through. I’m thinking about maybe heading to Michiana as well and I’ll be participating in the Manufacturers Cup race at Badger as well. Likely will be participating in the Mid-American Sprint Series but I’m not sure what else if anything

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Got my first kart in 2002, practiced for half a season, entered the last few races of 2002 and then was full-time in '03. Just old enough that I remember racing against US820s with a Yamaha.

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Hey everyone. Been karting since 1994. Flathead Briggs for 2 years, 1996 I raced a DAP T50 piston port in Restricted Jr. at 285lbs. That was a fast class. Lots of Yamaha racing in the midwest after that. Currently an '06 Margay and '09 Kosmic. Have a Yamaha again and a couple Leopards and would like to run some SIRA races and The Rock in 2017.

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Relatively new to karting. Done a bit of indoor in the past, but picked up a Coyote Widetrack with an Lo206 in 2014 and have been enjoying racing with the local North Florida Kart Club whenever I have some time.


Hi! My kart racing career began in the early 2000’s after driving a borrowed Shifter Kart. At the time I viewed the sport with the age old impression that karts were for kids. I was in my mid twenties and a good friend kept telling me to check out his shifter kart. Of course it took months before he convinced me to head out to the local kart track and test drive, what I thought was going to be a go-kart. Whoa! I was immediately hooked, the speed and power of 125cc Shifter Karts can be compared to Indy or Formula One race cars. Two stroke engines with 40 hp and a 6 speed transmissions can allow for a top speed of 120mph! Shifter karts are proven to go 0-60mph faster than any production vehicle. Previous to my experience I had driven drag and street stock race cars, mud trucks and motocross, but none compared to my new found obsession. I love/miss the Trackmagic brand. I have one left from 08 and it’s my wall hanger. I now drive CKR Chassis and try to get in the seat as much as time allows. I have a daughter that races, she’s 8 and started at 5. My 4 year old son can’t wait to get racing and my wife thinks I’m crazy but I know she loves it. Karting is life, karting is family and shifter karts continue to fuel my obsession.

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Yo. I haven’t raced in ten years. I’m working to get back into it again. Just bought myself a 2011 CRG BlackStar. Time to buy a LO206 when the time comes. By the way @easy22 is one of my best friends who I met through racing.

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Good Moring, My Name is Bob Stockdale Trustee for the Indian Valley Kart Club @ Adkins Raceway Park im Port Washington Ohio if your in or near ohio comw race with us we have great people a great track and we will welcome you to try our track


Hi @racer04. Tell us a little about your background in karting.

Hey there everyone!

I’m Ayrton. (Yes. Like Senna)

I started racing karts over 10 years ago at the age of 7. I ran on kid karts for 2 years before moving to a Jr. 1 K80 and running that for 3 more years. Fast forward to a couple years ago and I started racing my own kart the moment I was old enough to drive myself to the racetrack. I raced LO206 for a few races last year before making the jump to 125 shifterkarts.

I currently race a stock CR125 shifter in the Utah Kart Championship (UKC).
Outside of karting I can be found working for a Porsche racing team based out of Utah Motorsports Campus or occasionally catching a drive/race opportunity in Star Mazda.

Looks forward to talking with you all and hopefully making some new friends!

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I raced karts when I was 12 till I was 19. Now my son is 14 and he has been racing LO206 at Road America Motorplex for two years. Next year going to try Yamaha junior in addition to the 4 stroke. Currently have a Margay ignite, Coyote, Merlin LM30, and a BRM.

Jim Rohrbeck

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Hi everyone. I am a lifetime racer at 49 years of age. I hung up the helmet 17 or so years ago but couldn’t stay away. Two summers ago I began racing Yamaha Masters at New Castle Motorsports Park. Near the conclusion of this season I purchased my first shifter and I am looking forward to running the CES series here in the Midwest.

For this who are interested I document all my racing activities on Facebook at
I do a lot of live broadcasts their as well. Anyone else going to PRI in Indy?


James and I will both be there at PRI, TJ :slight_smile: We should hook up while we are there.

Hi. I’m new at KartPulse. Pro karter from Colombia in the Rok shifter master category. Sometime I race the Easykart master class.


Welcome Andres!
Nice to have you around!



I’m Steve, My son is the driver and I am the crew. I have been supporting racing since 2012 with my son’s first year of racing at 7 in an LO206 Kid Kart. I have no background in racing or any sport for that matter but my son is a sports nut so racing seemed like a perfect fit.

That LO206 Jr motor has run Sportsman and now will become an meth burning animal.

We occasionally post our adventures at


Hi guys, I’m Andrea Nieri , I came from Italy on November 2014.
Actually racing in KZ category with Maranello/Modena kk1r tuned by Cpi Karting.
Official driver of A.S.D. Power Racing Team, based in Florence, Italy.
Currently running the F Series KZ championship.


(Cheers!) Welcome, Andrea!

My name is Sean, and I started karting a while back in the 90s as a kid. I ran Comers, then 60cc shifters, moved into 80cc when the SKUSA series were alive and well in the northwest.

Stopped racing in the early 2000s, and followed my brother back into karting around 2015. I’ve been running Rotax and LO206 ever since.

I’m 31 now, living in the Portland, OR area. Focusing on TCKC, and OSKCS club races this year, and running the Canam series for fun.

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Hey, everyone. My name is Mat, from all the way down here in Australia! Been racing pretty well my entire life since 1997! Raced just about everything we have to offer down here and have now found myself in KZ2 (Running a CRG/Modena) and managing my very own race series, which has been something I’ve always wanted to do.
And in case anyone is wondering, still having a ball! XD


Welcome Mat! We have a few from down under here, it’s pretty cool to see so many from Oz join us on KP.

Tell us more about your series. We love “Doers” at KartPulse.

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