Come Say HI here!

Thanks James, bit of a long story, but, here goes.

Back in 2015, I did my first KZ2 race meeting at the Australian Karting Championships as a wildcard entry. I loved the experience even though I had my arse handed to me, but, not being the richest guy around I couldn’t do the entire championship, but, I realised that I could and should just set up my own series, so, I talked with a few of my mates with KZs and I set about creating the NSW KZ2 Super Series, and it’s been going really well. We had 6 competitors registered around Christmas in 2015, but, by the first round in 2016 those numbers jumped to 15! Now in our second season, we have 23 registered competitors and we have even seen GT3 drivers having a run with us, too. From day one, I’ve always had the intention of making enjoyment and fun the number one priority for the competitors, but, still promote the series as a pro/am championship. Feel free to have a look at the Facebook page here:


Zeke from the Northwest. Just got into karting late spring/early summer 2017. Entering rental lo206 pro-am series and will being looking to share and benefit this community of knowledge.



Hats off to you brother. I am in the same boat minus the child. But my sole aim is to provide them with the opportunities karting comes with… whether driving or engineer. Will be looking to you for some quality tips and insight on how to manage a kart and the skill of doing so with an adolescent.