Comer 50 Carb trouble

So I’ve taken it apart and there are no blockages or anything of the sort and for some reason it’s still leaking fuel from the, appears to be an overflow hole on the front of the carb. It’s a small hole underneath the air intake main hole. The float isn’t filled with anything so it’s still floating and not sinking and causing it to continuously fill. The rubber on the pin looks fresh so it should have a good seal it also moves freely as it should while attached to the float. I’m at a loss, any ideas?

Needs a new needle and seat

Assuming it’s a float carb (I’m not sure what the Comer 50 uses) If the needle and seat are sealing, my guess is that the float level needs to be checked.

What is the seat, I can find replacement needles but nothing that is called a seat.

The seat is in effect the hole that the ‘rubber’ tip of the float needle shuts off.
Most carbs have a removeable seat but on the Dellorto SHA the seat is machined into the carb body.
If you are sure the seat is clean then a new needle is your first line of attack.
If this fails then a specialist may be able to recut a damaged seat