Comer c50 vs c51 vs c52

Hi everyone

My son is in kid karts age 5 and is using a Honda 50 cc engine.
We are planning on switching him to a comer engine.

Can someone please explain the differences between the c50 va c51 and c52 ? Thank you.

Also any advice on using the engine would be appreciated when it comes to choosing a different air intake system. Thanks.

This doesn’t answer your question, but any particular reason you’re switching?

Essentially they are the same engine with slight improvements to the components to each higher number.

To echo @Rdub3 , why are you switching? The Honda is more reliable and consistent. On the other hand, the Comer revs higher and forces the driver to be smother to keep the revs in working range. Like everything in karting, its a trade off.

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I think the comer is faster than the Honda especially in terms of acceleration. Top speed is perhaps comparable.

Thanks for the message.

I’ve seen my son race against other kids with the comer and there is a difference in acceleration.

I’m just curious to know what the different components are and how they make the car better. If you have time to share that would be appreciated thanks.

I do not know the specific changes to the C52, but between the C50 and C51 is basically the kill switch on the front cover, otherwise basically the same. As for performance between the comer and the honda is, like I said, a trade off.

The comer is two stroke and the honda a four stroke. Two strokes have narrow power bands compared to four strokes. Comers have to keep the revs in the power band range to pull well compared to the honda. The comer forces the driver to be very smooth, but rewards with higher overall revs (where two strokes shine). The honda is more forgiving. Say you bobble the braking zone and overcook the corner, the honda has the grunt to get you back to racing speed faster than the comer can.

In terms of proper race training, the comer is more effective, but harder to master.

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Actually in my experience the Honda pulls out of the corners worse than the Comer. It’s faster on the straight though (at our track anyhow). We had a couple years where we ran both together, but now only the Honda. If a comer shows up they can run, but not for championship. Everyone has been much happier after dealing with the temperamental comers for so long.

I have heard the same. Like the tuning window is smaller for the comer compared to the honda.

It may have something to do with the gearing. At our track, the rules require fixed gearr ratio for each.

Correct, but there are 2 different gearings that can be spec for the Honda, usually once the track sets it that is the spec. I think it was 2 different clutch sprockets? I know we had to figure out which one was the best fit when we first started running them. Also one thing many people do is go to the super skinny rear wheels too early. With a wider wheel like a 5.5 you can change the ratio and get some more out of the corner, obviously a loss on top speed. Keeping the engine in it’s effective rpm range is more important though.

At psgka where I think he is asking about. The comer is dominate. But I’m about to do some testing there to confirm.

Going to see how much different the lap times are and do some data overlays

Do you know if the spec is the 15/89 or the 16/89 for the Honda?

15/89. 20 characters