Comparing Lecont white to MG yellow

Just had a curious questions. I picked up a spare set of wheels for a killer price but it has a brand new set of Lecont whites on them compared to the MG yellows we run at our club.
I plan to use them for my first practice out this year with my new to me chassis i just acquired. Wondering if i should even consider the times i put down with them or just get the general feel of the kart then put yellows on. X30 senior if it matters. Thanks!

They should be relatively similar, at least in that they are both CIK medium compounds. I know new MG tires have more of a grip bias towards the front, so the kart with be a little more pointy at first on new tires, if I remember correctly. I’m not sure how the LeCont Whites will do, but laptime wise they shouldn’t be too far different, maybe just with a slightly different setup/driving style?

Appreciate the response. I was hoping they would be at least semi similar which works for me. Only going to use them for one day anyways.