Compatible parts?

Hello guys I am a novice Karter. I bought a comp kart. And I wonder if anyone can tell me this.
I bought a second hand spare set of Tony kart mag wheels. They don’t fit the front. Is there a front hub set that will fit my 25mm stubs and also fit the TK wheels?

Compkart and OTK both use 58mm PCD wheels so the wheels should fit the hubs.

Here is everything you need to know about kart wheels and bolt patterns.

Kart Wheels Explained

Magnesium Kart Wheel Specifications: AMV, Douglas, OTK, & Tecno

Disclaimer: I am the AMV importer for the USA.

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The PCD is fine. Its the center hole on the tony kart wheels that’s to small. And there for will not bed properly. So I just want to know if there is a hub that fits the tony kart wheels to a comp kart

You shouldn’t have a problem with what you got, but any Righetti Ridolfi or WildKart 25mm front hub will fit. Just make sure you get the same length preferably.

Interesting. I have not heard that yet. @CrocIndy is right on the RR or Wildkart hubs.

I just caught this part… Make sure there’s absolutely no damage on the OTK wheels before you buy new hubs. Show us some good in-depth pictures please. We may catch something you’re overlooking.