CompKart 4R vs Tony Kart STV450 chassis

Has anyone tried both of these chassis in low-hp senior racing? Thoughts? Which is best for 160KG MAW and around 15 HP.

What tires? Sticky or hard?

Hi Derek. MG RED which are hard. Thanks.

Standard OTK is better than the STV. Get a standard OTK if you are going that route.

I don’t have experience with the Tony Kart but the 4R has been hit or miss at our track, All the senior drivers usually end up with a Covert chassis. At your weight, I would probably avoid.

This. The stv450 never really worked that great from what I’ve seen with a teammates who ran one. With the amount of OTKs these days you should be able find a standard one without spending more.

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Agree with everyone here. For your size and low hp, the STV450 is going to be hard to get freed up. I know you think the MG red is a “hard” tire, but it is going to be plenty sticky enough.

Thanks, Derek. What would you say about the CompKart 4R? And what do you think the best low hp, “heavy” chassis is right now?

Thanks, Nagisa. There are still several factors that much the low-hp specific chassis attractive. I’m just trying to find the right one :slight_smile: What low-hp “heavy” chassis would you recommend?

Thanks, Robert.

When you say “Covert” – are you referring to the likes of Covert 3.0 which is intended for Rotax? Or are there two different 4R chassis i.e. a “Covert 4R” and just a “4R”? Just a little confused :slight_smile:

He means the Covert 3.0, 4R is the four cycle specific kart. My 3.0 was amazing for low hp. We also have a guy in our club who runs the 4R with success. He’s around 6’1 165-170. I also agree with the standard otk. Never been in the STV but the 401RR works great for 206. (Low hp)

I have an opinion on this, but so does everyone else, so do with mine you would like. I am 6’3" and race at 390 lbs class weight. I would not be in anything that is not copied off an Arrow 4S.

That leaves me 3 options:
15 year old Arrow chassis
3-10 year old Comet Eagle Chassis
Any MGM Espionage

Yeah for low hp, heavy seems like these days the most popular chassis besides the OTK would be the American made stuff such as a MGM, Coyote , VLR, or Comet Eagle whichever have any support in your area.

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Thanks, Derek. So what about a new Arrow 4S Chassis? I.e X6 4S. I’m in New Zealand and MG Espionage is not readily avalible.

I have no experience with the new ones, but the folks who had them over here could not get them to work the same. Given your location, you will likely have to go with any supported brand and do your best to tune it as much as possible.

On Eagles why 3+ years old? I wasnt aware of any large changes to the kart in that time frame. Material?

The Coyote chassis certainly seems IMHO to be the hot chassis in 2023-2024 so far for 206.

If by hot chassis, you mean Team All-Star drivers, sure.

Sure, they have big names in the karts. However, they also seem to be performing. There are alot of big names who seemed to have gone backwards last year compared to the Coyotes.

Local races also seem to be having good success with them at G&J. Just my observations.

All star team means a lot of wins and that means a lot of drivers moving to the coyote this year though. Same thing happened with the OTK the last year and now everyone’s done with that so :person_shrugging:

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That’s the cycle. New hot ticket every year.

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