Compkart 4R vs VLR Emerald - 206

Have been racing LO206 the past 6 months on an older Chassis. Racing TSRS and CKNA South circuits (Sr light) . Looking to get a new chassis and considering VLR Emerald or Compkart. Tall driver. Would love any recommendations. TYIA.

I don’t have experience with the VLR but the compkart is suited to the 206 motor. It is a fairly basic kart but is all you need for this class. Just something to consider…the parts (freeline) tend to be on the pricy end, so axles, spindles, steering shafts and brake pads may cost more than the VLR. At least something to consider in your decision.

As always though, usually, the best option is the brand that is supported either at the track or in your area so if you need parts or advice you have someone to turn to.

I don’t have much experience with the VLR…None at all actually. But I have driven a Compkart 4r, and compared to a Parolin Lemans, Formula K, Margay Brava 206, Ignite, and a Coyote, the Compkart felt the best. Not to mention I’m a x30 guy, with limited seat time in a 206 and the Compkart that wasn’t set up for me put me about 2 tenths of our track record the first time out in it.

I’m 6’1, 200lbs.

4R is a smokin’ 206 chassis.

If you’re racing in the TSRS, then the Compkart will be the way to go since you’ll have support at the races. Wolfe Pack Racing and Karting Depot should be at all the races and they are the local distributors for CompKart. Also, you’ll have Full Gas Motors at the rounds of TSRS, and they are the BirelART/Freeline distributor in the area.

I have no experience with Compkart but alot of people around me are on VLR, and I have never heard anyone say anything negative about them in 206. I guess go with the one that has the best support network in your area.