Compkart KZ- Reframe

I have a 21 compkart covert 3.0 30mm chassis. I am thinking of reframing it for 2024. I have an option of a new 21,23 and 24 frame. I was speaking with a compkart factory driver in europe and his opinion was to go for the 21. He noticed he lost dry pace on the newer frames and moved to a leclerc.

Personally my wet pace is strong. In the dry I am 5 tenths off the pace, but 15kg overweight. So I cant properly judge my dry pace. The weight must be at least 3-4 tenths.

So has anyone any experence of the compkarts dry pace? I’ll have the weight shifted for the start of the season, so I cant make a call on the dry pace just yet.

Prior to speaking with that guy I pretty much thought it was just a yellow birel and it was just the colour changed among all the freeline karts , similar to what otk does.

Budget wise I dont have 6k for a new chassis next season. I was planning to spend circa 2.5-3k on the reframe with new bearings, rebuilding brakes, hubs, bodywork,steering wheel, tank,bumpers etc.

I know of a few 22 birel karts for 4k with about 3 races on them, so another option.

What is the impetus for changing frames? What’s wrong with yours?

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Actually a compkart isnt a birel frame. Its produced in the factory but its not the same frame from birel like leclerc. It has its own homologation number. I spoke also with a compkart driver here in germany and he told me exactly the same what you told. So i wozld stick to an older one

Based on your other thread about weight, I would first resolve that issue. Once you’re at the minimum weight your pace should undoubtedly improve, and that kart will also handle differently. Until then it’s a moot point to speculate on what a frame change will accomplish.

However, as someone who raced with a USA-based CompKart dealer team for 2020-2021, I do feel I can lend some perspective. I raced a frame in 2020 that (from what I was told) began as a CompKart prototype. It deviated from their previous formula, and was identical to the BirelArt frame design on which Kremers won the World Championship. FWIW, I really enjoyed the chassis, and got decent results with it. One of my teammates was on the same frame design, and also was quite fast, but his setup was always a bit different than mine. He then switched to a 2021 Comp that he never could get figured out. While I never drove that chassis, he reported that it was much stiffer.

Although CompKart does have its own homologation, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a copy of a BirelArt. Sometimes they have been copies, sometimes they haven’t. OTK has respective homologations for their range of brands; all that means is each brand of frame can be used in events requiring homolated equipment. Your results are going to depend on the tire compound being used, as well as the track conditions. There’s not a magic rule saying “the 20xx frame will automatically work better”.

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Comp Kart used a different tube metallurgy to Birel. Caused quite a stink in the factory at the time, according to rumour.

I get my stuff from darren, which is why i run a HMG kit. I have one of devons old 2020 frames that darren told me was a prototype. But i think the prototypeness might be in the metalwork because the frame is identical to a birel.

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That’s the same frame that I ran. The prototype nature of it is relative to the standard Comp design. A few very small geometry changes, but also same material as the the Kremers BirelArt model from that time. It’s a good chassis!

yeah im really happy with it!

2 Full seasons use, plenty of testing, cracked and welded at the 3rd bearing carrier.

I would be weary of it not responding to setup changes during the 3rd season.

My local track I test on is quite hard on frames also. I tend to use alot of kerbs too.

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It might be the same guy so!

If you haven’t already, running two floor trays can help with that frame as it ages. That was a game changer for me at the ‘21 SKUSA Summernats.

EDIT- game changer in high-grip conditions that is…

Interesting !

Its a never ending learning curve !