Compkart RAL Code for powdercoating


Would anyone have the RAL code for the powder coating color for a Compkart?


I’ve always wanted to know as well. RAL 1026 Luminous Yellow is the closest I’ve seen, but some pictures look like it matches and others look like a straight up yellow. But that’s the problem with pictures, it can appear extremely different. I have pictures on my phone of my kart and some vary in color to what it looks like in person. It’s definitely a unique shade of fluorescence.

Here’s a perfect example of outside versus inside my garage under led lighting. You would think they were different colors.

Thats not a million miles away!


I’m going to ask the dealer to see if he can get me the code. I will share it if I have any luck !

An example of what they look like under fluorescent lighting. This vs sunlight is completely different.

Hi Jake! Is that RAL 1026?

Call J3 and ask. They would probably be more than willing to let you know.

hey there! It’s whatever is factory on my compkart. but I’m sure if J3 knows this answer (which I’m assuming they do), theyd be happy to provide it.