CompKart Spares Suppliers?

New to all this. I have a 2018 ComKart R3 and need some parts after my first kart to kart contact. Who are the reliable part suppliers? It has been over a month and I still do not have everything I need to rebuild the LF.

J3 Competition (the owners of CompKart), Timmy Tech, or your nearest BirelART/CompKart dealer. Many components will be shared with the various BirelART chassis.


I have some never used CompKart spares. What specific parts do you need?

Important to note that not all BirelArt parts are a direct substitute. For example, so BirelArt spindles use 8mm kingpins, whereas the CompKart kingpins are 10mm.


Lucas Hart and Sean Estes

I found this out in 2020 at Battle at the Brickyard.

If you are near Texas, Wolfe Pack Racing and Karting Depot are CompKart Dealers, and Full Gas Motorsports are BirelArt dealers. Either of them should be able to help you out as well.

Thanks folks. Back from a cruise. Now back to Karts

I believe FulKrum Competition Services in NJ are a supplier as well.

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