Complete Tony Kart KZ Brake Setup - BSS/BSD

Location: Clemmons, NC
Price:$600 shipped


Complete BSS/BSD of my former 401 KZ chassis with Rotors, Magnesium Hubs, Master Cylinder, Balance Bar, Brake Rod, Lines, Rod & Safety Line, Rear caliper mounting bracket and front caliper+master cylinder mounting hardware.

Condition: Good. The rotors have a little bit of flash rust as you can see in the picture that will come off with first use (Left the garage door open on a very humid day).

This setup was never raced on and only used in SCCA SOLO (We don’t really use the brakes that much) - As such, I’ve NEVER replaced the front pads in the 4 years I’ve had this system and have only replaced the rears once (late last year). This system was last used in December of 2023. Do a fluid flush, bleed the system and go…or use as is (Still has fluid in it, albeit old fluid). Piecing this system together would cost about $2300 bucks, buy it as a spare or as an upgrade for $1100 shipped to your door. I accept PayPal.

Ok folks, since I don’t see too many of these up for sale I’m basically shooting from the hip on pricing. If anyone’s interested, please feel free to make a fair offer.

Price reduced - $800 shipped…obo?

Alright. Let’s get this gone. $600, shipped to your door.

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That’s definitely a good deal, just full brake systems tend to be slow to move. I’ve had good luck on eBay in the past.

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