Computers and race teams

I know there is a lot of back and forth on race computers, some prefer MyChron while others Alfano. But are there teams out there that (as a team) push you in one direction or another? I always thought it was a personal choice?

Reason I bring this up. I was practicing with a guy who races on a sponsored team for a particular chassis manufacturer. He was running a MyChron 5 and noticed I had an Alfano 6. He asked me if I was happy with it. He went on to say he was happy with MyChron 5, but his team was asking everyone to switch over to the Alfano- I guess for better data analytics using mobile devices.

Like I said, always figured it came down to personal choice. Never heard of a team pushing for one product over another.

Ultimately yes, I believe it comes down to driver preference, but I think in a team atmosphere it would be more beneficial for everyone to have the same telemetry unit. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe these two manufacturers use different softwares to review data. Therefore, doing something like comparing the lap time of your fastest driver with the lap time of your slowest driver would not be as easily accessible or as accurate with one Alfano and one mychron.

From what it sounds like, the sponsored driver’s team prefers the Alfano. They may think it’s software can offer them better on track information and they are trying to push everyone to this manufacturer so they can share data between one another more easily.

Yeah, teams like everyone on the same data system for reasons stated - ease of analysis and comparison.

Both systems are perfectly fine, it’s largely personal choice.


As Alan, said, if you are in a team environment, it makes it exponentially easier to review and compared data if everyone is on the same system.