Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is getting new asphalt

Track ownership just announced new pavement at CHMS in Illinois. This is a great thing and long overdue. I hope it brings some racers back for the weekly racing and that some traveling series consider coming back.

I am on the Drivers Council there. Our goal this past season was to make the track more fun and more of a friendly environment. I think we succeeded and it was a great year, though the numbers were down, racer-wise. We hope to initiate more things next year that many racers have said were issues.

I hope that more of you will consider racing with us for the 2024 season!


That’s awesome news. If they can grind the curbs down a bit and smooth them out, that would be the icing on the cake.

It’s a super fun layout with several really unique corners that makes it a real good time to drive. With new pavement it should get a shot at bigger races again.

I believe curbing is being addressed as well.

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I never got to make the trip when I was living in Chicago, so maybe now that I’m in MN, who knows, maybe I can make it work in 2024.