Connor Zilisch wins LMP2 at the Daytona 24 Hours

The kid is 17 and has already won in karts, TransAm (IIRC) some other series I probably forgot about and now has won LMP2 at the 24 Hours of Daytona. Bloody underachiever! :rofl:

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All the young karting guys my boy knows from TSRS were crazy excited in the discord chat as the race was winding down.
Rolex on the first time out. Wow.


He is a real talent in the seat, I think we all knew that when he went to Europe and cleaned house. I think this LMP2 ride is just the first step towards a great career.


He looks darn good in pavement oval racing too. Late model stocks, super late models. He can drive anything.


IIRC he has a development contract with Justin Marks/Trackhouse (yes, that Trackhouse) so I’d imagine we’ll see him driving in a bunch of different series (not just NASCAR) given Marks’ broad racing background.

Lets go, Trackhouse! I’m more a fan of the NASCAR side of racing and had never heard of Connor until the announcement that Trackhouse had picked him up. I got a kick out of his story about taking his watch to the jeweler to get it fitted and them initially telling him it wasn’t real!

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