Contact info and 2017 Pricing for Rotax Motors in the U.S

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Important message from BRP-Rotax and new pricing

Rotax karting products have been available in the U.S. market for 18 years now. Since the year 2000, BRP-Rotax achieved a lot of success on U.S. ground and worldwide. Anyhow, BRP-Rotax went through bumpy times since the launch of the Rotax MAX evo in 2014 but nowadays the Rotax series offers a sustainable strong product and series stability. The ease of use and low maintenance are our main focus and we did not ignore the market request on product stability. Visit your dealership and see yourself.

A big effort has been put on a new highly competitive retail price list for the Rotax kart engines and spare parts. The United States are one of Rotax’s biggest markets and therefore we promise you our full support to bring back Rotax to the top.

SRA Karting, through its branch GoRotax, has completed the adoption of MAXSpeed Group inlcuding the U.S. distribution network which consists of more than 75 Rotax service centers.

We are here for you.
Your NEW U.S. Rotax karting contact is:

SRA Karting
T: 646.257.5717
E-mail: [email protected]