Converting ICE kart to eKart with BSR 2.0 power unit


Does anyone has a first time experience with these power units? I hear they have sold quite few to US, but I simply don’t know anyone who has used one or even seen one in flesh.

Here is a link … Electric Power Units - Blue Shock Race Electric karts


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Which size are you looking at?

I can give you a rough idea of the performance based on what parts they are using.

I was thinking 15 kW setup.

Just to be clear… I do not care about racing in any sort of shape or form. I just want a project kart I can take to a local track for open track day. That’s all.

I am interested to hear, how well the power unit is made as a product, and possibly what components they use, and if it’s truly simple to fit on any adult size gas kart.

The only bit being clear is that they seem to use Motenergy motors, if I am not mistaken…


Ps. I follow with an interest your eKart project, learned quite a bit from your research, so I appreciate your work.

You might want to check this forum :

Yes, it’s definitely a Motenergy motor, although I’m not sure exactly what model. More than likely using a Curtis 1236SE-5621 controller based on the stated 450A peak discharge. Looks like that packaging is pretty nice overall for an low-voltage (48v) air-cooled system with minimal shock concerns. A 2.5kWh battery would match pretty well with a 11S28P Samsung 20S arrangement.

Performance wise it should be quick out of tight corners, but will run out of steam fairly quickly. It should be overall faster than a 208, but quite a bit slower than a 100cc TAG. If you find someone with one, I’d love to see a video with what it really can do.


That is seems to be all custom build … not really the BSR power unit. Reason, I try to stay away from custom building solution it myself is simply the resources, time, space, lack of necessary fabrication tools … it would end up costing me a LOT more than BSR 2.0, is my expectation, and would never look as elegant as BSR power unit seems to be… I am guessing here though, because I have not seen one in person, right?

Thanks Bryan … yeah I am thinking with 150 lbs rider it would pull to 80ish km/h fairly quickly, but than hit a wall of sort. But that’s ok, I am not in it for lap times … just fun, that’s all.

I would prefer the higher voltage power units, but they would be out my budget, I am willing to spend.

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For the next year or two, I unfortunately expect prices to actually go up for battery cells due to the raw material costs for li-ion batteries significantly increasing due to demand from auto manufactures. Of course any small scale builder pays a significant price increase anyhow in comparison to large vehicle OEMs, I laugh/cry at the prices Munroe states for cells and various components.

Even if true, and prices do go up (I think it will be more a shortage issue rather than a notable price bump issue), it should not be a deal breaker on a small pack as such is for a gokart, If I am ok to pay 5K … 5300 is not going to stop me … 6K and up might.

Anyways, we will see … every one has a crystal ball, right? … yet hardly anyone’s projection is ever 100% correct … :slight_smile: