Cool delivery

Our business partners Jetex took a cool delivery last night, brought it to the hangar and asked our help to open it and inspect the goods inside. It came in a big ass orange box.

Ohhhh my days :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


That is very pretty!

Wow! Neat container too.

The big orange box seems to be missing ‘Fragile - Do Not Drop’ stickers… :sunglasses:

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So glad my car made it safe to the new owner! Now if you could send me the payment for it, that’d be great.


container probably cost more than my car… you should take her to your kart track

No disrespect to the Bugatti, but it would get smoked by a kart I bet! (But you could probably buy 1000 KZ karts for the same $).

The white seats are just asking for it imho. Even Sheiks need a cup of Joe or Tea as they rip around.

It’s not for a Sheikh, it’s for Jetex. They’re planning some promo shoots with it.

Did a lil research it’s a Bugatti Baby 2, tops out at 48 mph. Neat little toy.

I was thinking to ask the CEO if he’d want to do a drag race with my kart for a promo vid, geared high to give it a chance, but for a promo for sure I’d be expected to let it win.


3 1/2 new KZ2 for that. worth it for the bragging rights I guess

Amazing idea. please do it

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Agreed. I’d let the guy win to be in that video!

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Towards the end of the “race” you both get passed by a modern supercar driven by James May, who waves cheekily at the camera. Fade to Jetex logo.


Better yet you get passed by Jay Leno in one of his period Bugatti’s, or a Pur Sang replica. :grin:


Planted the seed, let’s see if it grows :checkered_flag: