Coolant Question

Just curious if you can use regular car coolant in a shifter kart, cr80 specifically. The person I got it from had water in it but getting cold here so looking to swap it for something else. Thanks

A lot of tracks most likely will not allow it, we are not allowed where im from.
Just drain the system after each use.

Yeah it’s almost universal that coolant is not allowed for safety reasons. A coolant leak causes havoc for following karts.

Distilled water only plus a little Water Wetter if you’re racing in a hot climate. Otherwise tape up the radiator and send it.

It won’t be on a road course, strictly backyard dirt track.

You’ll get better results with a surfactant, water wetter MoCool etc. anyway.

So unless freezing is a concern for you, run deionized (Ideally and yes Im saying deionized vs distilled) water and a surfactant. Just like NASCAR baby!


Gunna be freezing temps next week where I am and then winter is here for us. Probably won’t use it much over the winter but was just trying to set it up so I could go and work on it and start it up if needed with minimal effort. I have 5 kids so I get minimal time to actually work on stuff haha. Will most likely just end up draining it