Cooling Shirts

@Hman brought up Cooling Shirts in this topic, but I feel it’s worthy of it’s own. So here you go :slight_smile:


It’s funny that you posed that cool shirt. I was going to suggest something like that as I came across it on track this weekend. One of the boys my son race against had a cooling set up and I discussed it with the dad. They say it works nicely. Different brand but same idea.

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Do you know the name and price? I almost paid for next day and it was going to be 600 including s/h. I think I’m not going to do the race because it’s just stupid hot out right now, but I almost overnighted the cool shirt so I could race this weekend lol.

I forget. The difference was that his had a tube that held the coolant attatched near the exhaust.

Gotcha. The cool shirt attaches the coolant under the steering column near your feet.

I’m interested in how that cool shirt works out. I’ve been using the cooling towels, and thought about getting a cool jacket for between races to keep it simple. But especially for our ironman race that would really be nice.

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They have a vest too which is pefect if you’re not driving. My neighbor blows glass and we were talking about this yesterday and he’s probably going to buy the vest.

They also have coolant systems that allow up to 6 people to plug in. Seems perfect for a family or team. I feel like where I’m at in Florida I could easily be a salesman for this thing lol. Let pit crew and drivers plug in for 15 minutes to cool off. Show them the system connected to the kart. It’s a no brainer!

I tried to next day the shirt in time for SSKC but it is on back order. I’ll let everyone know how well it works and how it attaches to the kart with pics next week!

Seems like the perfect solution for a kart:

Personal preference perhaps but it doesn’t seem as good as the one for 550 (which includes the shirt) that is fitted specifically for karts under the steering column and off of the driver. That one is 650 without the shirt (another 100-150) and the coolant sits on your lap.

When i used to work in some hotter environments and had to wear a lot of PPE, I used a cooling vest. It uses proprietary ice packs around the torso. It worked great for what I did and required no pumps - I think it was about $100. Obviously, you’d need a freezer, or cooler to keep them in when you’re not on track. We have dry ice sellers all over the place here, so I could just pop a brick of that in my cooler with the ice packs and it would more than freeze them for the race.

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Cooling towels are ace when it comes to relaxing after the track.

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