COTA Alternative/Best Karting place near San Antonio, TX?

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Where are you located?

San Antonio, TX

What age bracket are you in? Junior (<16), Senior (16+) or Masters (30+)


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mechanical ability, or willingness to wrench on things?


Talk a little about your racing experience so far.

Completed a track day at COTA on a Yamaha R6.

What’s the main thing you need help with to get you started.

Hello - thank you for having me as I am new here! I am looking to get into karting. The main thing I need help with is finding the right karting place. I am looking for a place that offers instruction/training on racing karts. I would also like a place that runs faster karts 60-70mph etc. because I would eventually want to progress to those. I first thought of COTA (wouldn’t mind the 1.5 he drive to COTA as I frequent Austin - if they had a great program.m and I like the facilities there, but I read a post here stating that they canceled their advanced program before it really even started and only do arrive and drive. I found a place online that seems to run faster karts but it’s in Dallas (5hrs away) and that wouldn’t work as I want to go 3-5x per week.

The goal would be to progress to driving the faster karts etc and then hopefully find some competitive racing that would work with my schedule. I would eventually like to race cars on track. I am completely new to track - I have done a track day on a motorcycle, but only one. I did find help is appreciated thank you.

Is Dallas Karting Complex near you? -

Thank you @DavinRS - it is not unfortunately (looks awesome). I did find 2 possibles in my area called - they seem to offer storing your kart if you own one. I don’t have one yet - I wanted to start with rentals first. I also don’t know if they offer lessons - I will call over there tomorrow to get more info.

I also think I found one that offers competitive racing for sure - not sure if they offer lessons or rentals though so I will also call tomorrow.

If anyone has had experience with these and can provide feedback it would be much appreciated.


That hill country kart club sounds cool. 2x races a month except December.


Hill Country Kart Club would be your best bet to race if you have your own kart. Alamo Karts is more like a concession kart track and they really don’t have any big races there. We race at HCKC all the time, they run races on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the months, and they are in the evenings. It’s a concrete track, so tires last a long time out there. Feel free to stop by the track on a race day, there are always plenty of friendly people out there willing to help with anything you need.

If you’re looking for rentals, in the area it is either COTA or K1 Speed. I know the K1 karts are electric, but it is a start.


We also have the Kartpulse Track Directory that might also help you out.


@Zebug - Thanks for the info - do you know what time in the evening the races begin? Also do the have a Briggs 206 class? I think that will be the class I will start with.

We’re on the summer schedule, so races typically start at 6 pm, beginning with driver’s meeting and qualifying. People start showing up for practice around 1 pm. They will be racing this Saturday.

They do have 4 Briggs 206 classes (cadet, junior, senior and masters).


@Zebug This is awesome - I will definitely stop by on Saturday to check it out. I went by a place called Texas Karts today to check out karts for sale but they were out to lunch, really looking forward to this - Thanks!

Tommy Muth runs Texas Karts, and he’s typically at the track racing. I should be out there with my daughter. She’s our racer, and we’re typically pitted near the entrance. We run a KA100.

@Zebug - thanks for the info. Looking forward to it. Would you happen to know if anyone offers driving courses in the area? I ordered both books recommended on this forum so that will help um sure, but I was hoping I could get some face to face coaching. COTA has a place on their website where it talks about Karting Classes but there’s not much more info other than that. I called and spoke to Kayla and she said the manager was trying to get that set up. She said he also puts together the racing seasons. I left a voicemail since he didn’t pick up - hoping to hear something back.

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