Couple of questions about Rotax Max Evo maintenance


Yesterday i lost my virginity with my first 2-stroke kart ( Rotax Max Evo ) :slight_smile:

After years of driving 4-stroke rental karts

I must say, what a difference in power. My arms are still messed up :wink:

Made a video from a session:

So, my questions are:

1- Can you change the sharpened front sprocket for a used one, or will that not match the allready used chain? The rear sprocket is still looking good, but front is sharp.

2- What are the best chain grease sprays on the market?

3- Can anyone share a manual / how to overhaul a Rotax Max evo engine (50 hour) ? or maybe a good youtube tutorial ? Inclusing all parts and special tools needed.

4- The old Alfano laptimer has a lot of errors, as it has no GPS. And i am looking for the best replacement.

What laptimer has a good Delta option. So you can see live if you are under the best laptime.

appreciate your help :slight_smile:

  1. Blendzall chain lube, imo
  1. Yes you can change just the front sprocket, no problem.

  2. You’ll get a million different answers here, but I like Xeramic or Bel-Ray. There are many topics on this here discussing chain lubes as well.

  3. I don’t have an answer here as most people are racing their Rotax engines so they have the work done by a service center.

  4. MyChron is the other popular option. You can set up a live delta time.

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#2. I’ve recently switched to the XPS chain lube. Stuper sticky and leaves a mess, but best one I’ve used so far. Motul stuff seemed to dry out on the o-rings too fast even with applications every session.
#3. This covers working on the top end, but at 50 hours you are probably looking at needing to service the bottom end. I used it as a reference for installing the new '24 cylinder and piston.

  1. You can download the service manual first on the Rotax official site and watch

I think you can rebuild the top end yourself after 25hrs using, but it needs a special expensive equipment to balance the crank shaft when you rebuild the bottom end.

By the way, I suggest you install a horse power limiter and harder tyres to train your driving skills. It will save a lot of money becuase of the less tyre wear, the less engine wear.
But you will get lots of skills because you can know how the kart works more.

Yeah i mean a manual for the bottom part of the engine. Top part is not an issue. Also maybe a link for crank balance tools if someone has. I will buy it, because i like to do everything myself

This are the hardest tyres, MG Red. Just need to make more miles, no worries bout the HP, i just service the engine every 25 hours

Also buy some racing gloves, they will help!

yeah, maybe better next time :wink:

#1 - if anything in the sprockets and chain are worn, I’d suggest replacing it all with new stuff. New front driver, new rear sprocket, and a new chain. I’d go with something like RK oring chain. There are cheaper options, but the cheaper non-oring chains will stretch after a few uses, and that tends to create more wear on the sprockets. A little more money to start will normally save you more in the long term. Maybe you can get away with the same rear sprocket if it’d “like-new”, but otherwise I’d consider swapping it out.


Alright, i found a webshop in Italy with interesting prices.

What do you think about this chain from DID?

Also, is there any European member that has good experiance with this webshop?

You can trust Mondokart, they are one of the biggest shop in Europe

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thanks man. What i do see, is that after they checked my Ip address, prices went up . Did you had the same :wink:

Another question about Mychron that pops up in my mind. Do you know which model was introduced with the Delta time including GPS ?

Maybe if it is on the model 4, that saves me a bit of money

Probably you had prices without VAT for extra-EU, if you are in EU you have to pay VAT.

That could be the case

Replace the exhaust packing. They will burn out in 3 or 4 race weekends and it makes a big difference in power. Also make sure the power valve moves smooth and easily.

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Hi, Your statement regarding the exhaust burning away in 3/4 meeting will it really make a significant difference in power with a powervalve?

Hi, i have a new question about the maintenance of my Rotax Max Evo.

In this video Power Republic tells that the clutch drum can get cracket. Is that also the case on the newer Rotax Max Evo engine?

Because then i will order one as spare :wink:

And another question. How often do you guys change the sparkplug?

Yes, you should definitely keep an extra clutch bell as they are prone to cracking.

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