Coyote Free Roller - Opinions Wanted

Was looking around the internet yesterday. Came across the Coyote free roller. Looks like a great Kart package at a great price for $1900.

Does anyone run this package? Thoughts?


Official Description Below:

Overwhelming demand has energized Coyote Motorsports to reproduce the vintage kart chassis tagged the “Free Roller". This kart was a second-generation Coyote kart which is now being built to the exact specifications as it was in the 1980s .

The stock version of the Coyote Free Roller frame comes powder-coated red with chrome nerf bars, front and rear bumpers. The first Free Roller off the jig was finished in April 2020 and orders from around the country have flowed in since!

“The Free Roller is a great go-kart at a great price,” Coyote Motorsports owner Jim Lipari stated. “The level of interest and excitement for vintage karting is astounding. We had so much demand from current, past and new customers that it gave us an incredible drive to produce a new vintage chassis. Customers are very happy with the result.”

The Free Roller is manufactured from 1-1/8” 4130 chromoly and comes with a 40” .250 wall alloy rear axle, 5/8” spindles and a torsion rear bumper setup.

There is also a special “Midnight Edition" option, which features black nerf bars, front and rear bumpers instead of chrome.

Here are the differences between the first-generation Coyote Bullet and the second-generation Coyote Free Roller:

  • Free Roller includes a wider kingpin to kingpin width.
  • Free Roller wheel base is ½” longer.
  • Free Roller steering posts have a slight bend for better seat placement. The Bullet has straight steering posts.
  • Free Roller rear motor mount rail is attached to the outside frame rail by a bend. The Bullet rear motor mount rail was chopped before a bend.
  • Free Roller has K bars.

Sign me up for the midnight black edition.

This is a design they brought back from being obsolete. It is technically a vintage kart. They and others offer up to date “modern” designs.

Can one source new 80s pods and the like?

Who else offers up vintage models?

@Welte_Racing builds some that are true vintage and pretty darn nice looking rides.

You can check out their FB under the same name