CR125 Kill switch

Anyone know which wire on the Honda CR125 (99 style stock) CDI is for a kill switch? I know they don’t normally run kill switches, but I prefer having one. However all the wiring diagrams have the colors all mixed up.

So for anyone that finds this, the easy way is to call Swedetech and they have the cable premade and even have a video to help you set it up. Thanks to the great guys there for getting me taken care of, It means I can have a kill switch (yeah, I’m weird!) and I can hook up the ME paddle shifter.

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Thanks for posting back, appreciate it!

@crafty how did the ignition cut work with the ME paddle shifter, that’s my next install so curious how you found it to be?
Thanks in advance.

I’ll have to let you know in the spring. The ME got delayed, hoping to have it here next month for when I put the shifter back together. Just finished the top end on the engine. Meanwhile it’s snowing outside. lol Sometime I hate only having 6month seasons. Maybe next year I’ll head south and get more seat time. :smiley:

Gotcha, I’ll reply with how it goes for me. I will be testing it over the next month.

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were are you that is snowing already that scares me as that means its going to snow in ontario soon lol

Montana, I live on the east side of the Rocky Mountains.

I wired a kill switch to my KZ motor. It’s a pretty straightforward job. Just locate & splice a wire to the hot wire going to the coil or CDI, & run it through a switch to ground somewhere.

Michael, I have to ask, where do you run your shifter? I’m not aware of any tracks on MT.

Couple of dirt tracks, but pretty short and very rough. I run in Helena with Montana Karting Association ( They are small, but coming back. Longest track is .84 miles, and everyone is afraid of straights, but that’s fine, at least I get to run a few times a month with them, and next year we’re planning on visiting UT, ID, and WA.

After taking 30 years off, I have a lot of getting into shape to do.

Michael, good to know about the Montana karting group. We had a fella come through here from Wyoming not too long ago and came up empty in that part of the country. Granted, those are big states, but karting seems harder to access.

We’re setting up to do a charity race next year, get the word out there better. They are a great bunch of guys, but don’t seem to understand promotion much. We’ll fix that. :smiley:

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