Cr125 sticky shifter

Hey guys, last outing i snappdd my shifter in half…not even sure how just noticed that the position of the shifter kept changing on the track. Got back, and noticed a giant crack in the shifter. No big deal. Ordered a new one and all good now.

My only problem is i find that the shifter seems sticky. When i downshift especially the stick remains down rather than coming back up to the middle. Quite annoying especially when on the track and trying to focus. Would those J-arms from sweedtech help with anything? Anything i should check? Lube up the shifter shaft??

Make sure any pivot points are operating freely. I’ve had heims get sticky because they were over travelled and the nut/bolt dented the “seal” of the heim which placed pressure on the ball. My recommendation is to check all the heims, unhook the linkage and make sure the shifter arm in the chassis operates freely by itself. If you have elimated all those things then it may something broken in the shift mechanism of the gearbox.

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The shift rod might be rubbing the seat. That usually shows up as sticky down shifts.

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