CR80 "normal" new compression?

What’s the “normal” compression on a CR80RB engine after a new top end? Yr 2001 I believe.

I don’t know a specific number… is it stock? That of course makes a big difference too.

I’d expect to see over 125psi, off the cuff.

Is it stock? I’m honestly not sure but from what I was told by the seller, I’d guess that it is not.

I noticed that some people say compression on 2-strokes should be checked hot, not cold. Of course different metals expand at different rates, so I’m sure that could affect the reading somewhat. That was checked at about 50 F.

I can give you some references. My KT, at at 11.2 mL, at its best, was 160 psi. I checked a couple of TT 75s, at 9 .1 mL, average 215 psi. CC measurement included spark plug hole. Spark plug hole’s about 2 mL. All measurements were taken with the ambient at about 80° F. Cool engine.