Cracked mag rim repair?

Someone turned into me and cracked my rear right rim. It’s a stock freeline magnesium one.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to repair it? At this stage my only option is to buy a new set which is close to AUD $930 (apparently you can’t just buy them individually).

I would imagine the cost of getting it repaired would make it almost more beneficial just to buy a new set of wheels. I have to imagine there are plenty of used sets of wheels or a single used wheel you could buy instead of getting a full new set.

I’d never run that wheel again. Some champs/races also have rules against ‘welded’ wheels and that kind of thing. As TJ said, plenty of used sets out there. Just gotta find someone selling one or a pair.


Get a used one +1.

Cracked rim make a good campfire, just make sure you break them into smaller pieces. I toss mine in as a whole, neighbood though we were doing some witchcraft.

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Since you can buy the singles, you can still buy a rear set only from a different brand that is cheaper (Douglas, OTK etc). Pick a similar design and you will be close. I’ve seen plenty of people running different sets front/rear, some on purpose, some not so much…it works

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Elaborate please. If you toss a mag rim into a bonfire, what happens? (For science).

I think I see…

Magnesium is considered to be in the Class D Fire category . It has a melting point of 1,202 °F and a boiling point of 2,024 °F. When magnesium is in its metal form, it burns very easily in air. When the magnesium burns, it reacts with the oxygen to form magnesium oxide.

Magnesium burns a very bright white, so it is used to add white sparks or improve the overall brilliance of a firework . Sodium imparts a gold or yellow color to fireworks, however, the color is often so bright that it frequently masks other, less intense colors.

Congratulations getting on an FBI list by whatever you typed into Google to find those images :joy:


Hey I’m just a humble potential fireworks manufacturer doing research!

I get the impression you don’t want to spray burning magnesium with a firehose

I’ll bet this is what was used for early flash photography…and yes it was.

We for sure had the best/brightest firework in the park that night. Here is short clip, half the rim went straight to melting instead of burning and I saved half of rim with my marshmallow stick.

For science, you should watch this before you do i. LOLOL

I call BS on not being able to buy them individually. Find a local Birel/Compkart dealer who will play ball. I’ve had to buy a single Freeline wheel before. Broke mine in the exact same way.

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Or just order from somewhere else in the world. in italy sells them separate and also ships them worldwide

Too bad you were not in the US. I have 2-3 sets of used Freeline DFs sitting in the garage. Try FB. You might find a used set closer to you.

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