CRG, Birel-ART, or OTK?

Hi, I’m trying to start out in karting. But I’m not sure what Kart chassis I should buy.
There are 3 sellers in my region, Birel-ART, CRG and OTK(mainly Kosmic and Tony Kart)
I’ve sorted out my finances and equipment, I’m just unsure of what I’m into.
The class I’m looking at is TaG/125cc class.
Can anyone provide some inside?

They are all good karts, you can have success on any of them. There are certain things I like about all of them.

Outright what one would I purchase? That’s a tough choice most likely OTK as much as I hate to say it. CRG gets a bodywork and wheel updates and I would likely steer in that direction. I dont have much luck with brakes on Briels but maybe that just Matt Abel’s fault.

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Honestly, it won’t matter what brand you get when you’re starting out. You likely won’t be able to feel any difference between them anyway. Go with whichever shop offers you the best support.

All three brands are top-tier, national and international-level winning karts.

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I personally am a fan of Birels. For me even the base setup seems to suit my driving style. It takes very little adjustment to get it really dialed in. But don’t try and run a whole season and a 125 lap endurance race on the same set of brake pads. You’ll be fast just can’t stop, ask Ronald :wink:.

Hi Alex,

…and welcome to the forum. I think @tjkoyen is right. I would go with whomever has the best support. When you buy from a specific vendor, they will likely be there for you when you have questions. How do I improve this or that. Parts surplus is always a good thing when something goes wrong. Not so often with new compared to used, but advantageous none the less. Lastly, do your research. You want to find something that is going to work for you. Are you tall, heavy or light? Are you running junior, senior or masters? Depending on brand, seat choice can have an affect on tunability of the chassis. Talk to the each of the distributors and ask then what they think will work best for you and what level of support you can expect after the sale. Then weigh the pros and cons for each.

Still learning myself, but some humble advise to pass along.

Fully agree you’ll not really tell much of a difference. Go with whomever can give you best support. Personally I went with CRG this last season (my first) and very glad I did. I love it. I love that I can tweak caster without affecting camber, not sure if that’s standard across others but I’d not seen it before. CRG is also quite tough - I know guys who’ve complained about their frames (other Marques) bending after they whumped over a kerb too hard. CRG seems to be quite resilient in this regard (my ribs aren’t so much haha)

Bottom line go with what feels right, and have a lot of fun