CRG Brake bleeding questions

I just got this 2015 (?) CRG Tork chassis and I’m preparing it for my first run this weekend. I want to bleed the brakes and was looking at it and it doesn’t look like most of the ones on the internet. I can’t find any of the bleed nipples like in cars.

I do not have a brake bleed tool for now so my plan is:

open up the cylinder by removing this bolt:

Adding brake fluid, putting back the bolt and have someone push on the brake pedal, then I open up one of the two screws below?

It sounds like I would benefit from something like this in the future:

Do the steps sound about right? Also, is this the VEN08 brake system? I’m asking so that I’ll know what parts to order but looks like some parts (like bleed screws) are hard to come by.


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You’re on the right track. With this type of system, basically as long as you flush/exchange the fluid in the system, without allowing air into the lines, you’re golden.

One thing I would caution is to avoid using the full extend of the master cylinder and open the filler cap before you release the pedal with the bleeder screw closed.

An alternate method:

  • Remove and elevate the master cylinder.
  • Remove the master cylinder cap
  • Top off the fluid in the master cylinder.
  • Open a bleeder is the caliper, keeping a close eye on the fluid in the master cylinder to lot let air into the line.
  • Repeat until the system is flushed.

You can also jimmyrig a “bleeder” system. Fuel line typically will fit into the threaded part of the filler. Using a new piece of fuel line, you can connect it to a funnel or container of some sort to keep fluid flowing.

Bleed screws are typically standard metric bolts in this case. Probably M4, but that’s a guess. Ideally get new felt washers too.

Subd. Good info here.

Thanks James!

I will use that technique of jimmyrigging a bleeder system, if not, I will try that elevated master cylinder method.

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Thanks. If you could post pics or a vid when you’re done that would be great.

You’ve got the right idea! The adapter threading for a CRG master cylinder is tricky, but well worth it if you plan to bleed brakes regularly.