CRG chassis front ride height

Hi, hope you can help me with this doubt, I have a CRG 2018 Road Rebel chassis for KZ, I race on a very cornered track, not ideal for a KZ, my question is that I’m having a bit of understeer, I want to ask you if getting the front ride height high will help me with that, now I have it low, also low on the rear, I read CRG works good with the front ride height high but want to know more opinions, thanks!!

Def does handle better with higher front ride height. To reduce understeer I’d widen your front track a half spacer each side, maybe 1 whole spacer. If that doesn’t work move the seat forward a smidge.

I had oversteer troubles until I fitted seat struts and narrowed front track one half spacer. Now it’s sweet

Thanks for your reply Richard, i see you also have a CRG, did you tried it with low ride height? I’m feeling understeer and also a bit of oversteer, i also read that rear ride and front ride work together and if i up the front ride height i will also gain something on the rear, it’s that true?

Based on my experience with CRG products over the years (CRG, DR, Zanardi), raising the front ride height will help with your understeer problem. As Richard mentions, widening the front will also help. I’d start 4 bars wide if you’re not there already. Adding caster would be another option to help with initial turn in.

No I never even tried with lower front - the team’s master mechanic said not to even bother, so I didn’t lol.
Personally I found mine was quite snappy into corners and oversteered on exit, seat struts one each side helped tremendously with the exit, narrowed from track one small spacer each side and a single serration of reduced caster for a little less tendency to spring back to centre on exit has it the way I like it.
Where is your understeer and oversteer Paul, in relation to the corner?

Hi again Richard,
Well the oversteer is on entry, i have to make an instant fast steer to make it through, as i said i race on a little very cornered track, i did had front ride height some time ago, but i called a mechanic to make a setup and he putted me the rear ride height high and the front ride height low, at that moment i just listened him and made what he said, but with a stiff chasis like CRG on a very cornered track that seem a setup for fast and big tracks with high speed corners, i putted the rear low and now im going low-low, and the times on the laps this last months didn’t go the right way, i’m suffering oversteer and maybe a but of understeer but maybe it’s normal, i dont feel the kart reactive, i think i have to steer too much comparing me to other drivers there, and the kart feels a bit too spongy with undertseer.

Widen your front track - it’s easy just unbolt the hub you’ll find it has several black spacers - some 5mm some 10. Swap some over so you move your wheels out, widening the track.

Widening the front track has the effect of pushing the inner front wheel harder to the ground, thus allowing the inside rear to lift off more easily.

For oversteer on exit, are you using seat struts? CRG chassis really does need them - equal on each side. I have one each side, works well for me.

I know the CRG setup manual recommends lowest front/highest rear, & 1400mm rear width setup for normal dry conditions.

Keep in mind that it sounds like he has a Road Rebel KZ kart, which may be different than the kart you’re using for single-speed application.

Yes good point, sorry missed that :grin:. I’d still go with front track, it’s a pretty universal tweak.

Yeah i have a Road Rebel KZ kart, i will test some things next day we go to training after the coronavirus thing, thank you all for your help

For the record, I have 2 shifters. 1 of them is a GP8, which is mfg by CRG.

Sorry for any confusion, Spencer. My post was a reply to Richard, as indicated by this:


Also, those old GP’s are great karts!

All good. I’m currently building an Energy Eclipse KZ. Can’t wait to see how it compares to the GP8.

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