CRG front bearings change

Hey guys, i am looking to change my front hub bearings on my CRG . Any tips? Could be used the same dimension bearings from SKF or need to be bought CRG bearings? I think that those CRG bearings are bought from some huge bearing manufacturer.
Maybe mark position when the first hub matching the second one. I dont have any special tools. Some hammer, punch. Should get new bearings into freeze to easier assembly into hubs?
Thank you

Heat the hubs (I use a toaster oven 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes), shake or tap out the old bearings, drop in new bearings and put hub back on spindle to cool.

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Someday you’ll have to explain how you discovered that trick. Must have been a very odd breakfast. :crazy_face:

What kind of bread do you eat that a hub fits in your toaster? :rofl::rofl:

Oven, toaster oven, typos are hell. That shouldn’t have been that hard to figure out but evidently it was. Do I need to explain why it works too?

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Sorry :heart_eyes:. No disrespect intended.

So i use a heat gun on those hubs for a while and bearings comes very nice. So when i buy a new 61905 zz bearings, then i put bearings into a freezer and then use heat gun again on hubs to warm them a little and everything goes much easier inside…Maybe some grease/lube on bearings to slip inside better

I would pass on the grease. You want a nice clean tight fit.

I wonder if it would be better to heat the hubs? Aluminum expands more than steel contracts. Of course you’d have to take the tires off…

I know i will get flamed for this but… In my 18 years as a mechanic the only thing I have ever heated to install was a ring gear on a flywheel. Everything else just got pressed in. For kart hub bearings I use my muli-angle swing press (aka hammer) as long as it goes in straight and you apply force only to the outer bearing race you are fine. Sure heating and cooling are great but most people do al this at the track and don’t have access to a freezer and oven. I generally use 1/2" socket of the same size as the outer race and tap them in. A hammer and drift work to remove. Again just keep them straight on the way out.

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So bearings fitted into the hubs and everything is OK. Bearings was inside freezer about 24 hours :smiley: and then i use heat gun on hubs, because today is around 3Celcius cold. Then i use a 30mm socket with hammer and everything goes nicely :smiley: I dont use any grease on bearings, just clean inside with a brake cleaner to have a proper tight fit insde hubs.

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