CRG KZ Chassis - Heron or Road Rebel

Hi guys

New to the forum, just looking for some advice as I’m keen to update my equipment.

I now have a 2018 CRG Road Rebel KZ with a TM KZ10C prepared by Vitiracing and Maxter MXS as a backup engine.

I’m located in Athens, Greece and our track isn’t too grippy in general. OK, grip will build up throughout the day of course, but the quality of the tarmac is old.

I’m keen to update my chassis and I actually don’t know what do chose.

Should I go with what I’m used to, Road Rebel or should I choose the Heron?

Has anyone had the chance to compare Road Rebel vs Heron both in KZ in similar conditions?

I’ve read that the Heron has more grip in the rear (which I prefer) but the question is how would it work if there’s too much grip?

Of course the Road Rebel is more neutral according to my experience so far.

thanks for your input guys!

Heron is 30 mm vs RR 32 mm, so the former will bend easier & push the tires less. Does the Heron have front brakes? KZ requires them, & I know the RR has them stock, but not sure about the Heron. Consider your weight & how that might work with the chassis torsion bars on/off.


Yes you can have a KZ Heron chassis with front brakes of course.

I’m more concerned on the behaviour of the chassis when rubber starts building up. I am kinda used to the RR so far and how fluid it feels and I don’t know how the Heron will behave.

I’m honestly leaning more towards the RR (considering resale value as well) but I’m open to suggestions. :slight_smile:

I have GP8 & an Energy Eclipse, & both are all 32 mm tube chassis, which I prefer. So, in my biased opinion, if you can tune a RR to get the necessary grip, then it’s GTG.

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I’ve not seen the Heron used in a KZ application before. These days in the US it’s nearly 100% Road Rebel in the shifter category. I’ve seen the Euro factory team using some other frame which is presumably either 30mm or a blend of 30/32 (such as the Blackstar was in the past).

I would think you shouldn’t have any issues getting the Road Rebel to make more grip. Start with factory settings, and you can always make adjustments from there such as move the seat back, stiffer axle, longer hubs, etc.

You can buy a Heron KZ chassis if you like,but I think the Road Rebel is a better chassis for KZ.
However there is one thing that you have to watch.There are different types of R R chassis,the 10 the 12 and the 15.
The difference is the height of the rear axle bearing holders.
The 10 is the best chassis for medium tires and moderate tracks,this one has the highest ride height in the back,the 15 the lowest what makes it tail happy with medium tires and slippery tracks.
The factory cancelled the 10 four years ago but nowadays they went back to the 10 at the World Championships,Ippolito did the fastest lap in the final,so it might be for sale again.

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hi Gerald

That’s interesting. Good info, thanks!

When you say 10/12/15 what exactly are you referring to? What do those numbers represent?

I will go for RR. I’m just waiting a bit to see what changes they will introduce in the 2021 homologation and I will decide if I will go for a fresh one or slightly used 2020 one.

I am not sure were the numbers stand for,I guess it has something to do with the difference between the height in mm.
Another aspect is the tubing(sort of CrMo) of the chassis,I don’t know if this is still the same like in 2016.

All be it hearsay, I caught wind that many manufacturers are moving away from 32mm chassis. Including in the KZ category. This was from a local Sodi dealer. Something about them “Not Working”.

Personally, because of my size and weight, I would like to try one to see if it frees up the rear a little easier. I know there are other changes you can make to achieve the same result on a 30, but they seem extreme compared to the necessary changes on a 32.

I am referring to an OTK chassis and do not have any experience with the other brands, so my opinion may not be as relative to the question at hand.

Disappointing, if true.

This means that potentially RR will not be used anymore.

We have a Heron KZ in the team, I might test it but I think I have my mind set on RR.

In Australia the birel importer has told me that a 32mm chassis is a special order from Italy.
Apparently all the KZ frames the team runs here, are 30mm. That would be true across all Birel brands that they import.
More rear grip from a 30mm is the word, but the lifespan of the chassis is reduced.
Something that is particularly disappointing to me, as I have been finding lightly used 32mm KZ frames to use in my racing.


Here in Athens (GR) we only run RR in KZ at CRG.

A friend who also got a fresh Birel (KZ) I think he also got 32mm.

I have now my RR up for sale so I hope it goes soon so I can order a fresh one.

The problem is that we just started lockdown so unfortunately there won’t be another practice till December probably. :cry:

Italy is a lot closer to Greece than Australia for factory orders. Haha
It may be different other places but true for here.
I’ve just had a quick google and I can’t find very many manufacturers that are consistently making 32mm frames.

The use of 30mm vs. 32mm is going to vary by manufacturer, and also by market (specific to what tire is being used). Many have been using 30mm almost exclusively for quite some time now, though some manufacturers still use or even prioritize the 32mm, including:

  • CRG (I’d be surprised if they ever completely discontinue the Road Rebel)
  • GP
  • TB Kart
  • GFC/Track Magic
  • OTK (to a lesser extent, but I still see them from time to time)
  • Formula K