CRG - Making Ven05 brakes fit a Ven99 chassis

(Nicholas Bushnell) #1

Have a out dated 08? CRG KT1 chassis with ven99 brakes. I’ve rebuilt the master and caliper, bleed with the proper tools and fluid but the system just sucks for TAG senior, its just to over worked for such class. So forward on.
I recently acquired a complete 2014 CRG KT1 besides the frame. I was hoping to incorporate the ven 05 brakes onto my chassis but quickly realized the cassettes are 4 bolt not 3 like my frame. Considering the caliper bracket bolts to the cassette and i cant use the 4 bolt cassette i think im screwed. So now after a little more searching i see the Ven04 uses a bracket that appears to bolt to 3 bolt cassettes. Im wondering can i get the ven04 caliper bracket and ven04 bearing cassette spacer and finally be able to bolt it all up?

If anybody has ven04 stuff id very much appreciate if i could get certain dimensions on the caliper bracket and cassette spacer holes. The only reason im trying to do this and not buy a new frame for the newer crg parts i acquired is because i simply do not have the money nor feel its worth it to spend $2,200+ on a new frame when im not going to be a front runner for awhile (im on a my09 leopard as it is compared to the x30 people)

(Nicholas Bushnell) #2

After asking every damn person i seen online selling or owning a ven04 caliper i have found out the ven04 caliper mounting holes are spaced 80mm apart, if im not mistaken the ven05 i have is 80mm as well. I ordered the ven04 caliper bracket made for 3 hole cassettes from comet kart sales. I will report back if the bracket will work for my needs. Granted i still would need to order the ven04 cassette spacer but wont spend the money until i know the bracket is correct. Will report back when it arrives.

(Eric Riggs) #3

If you know someone with a mill and maybe a lathe I’m sure you could make something that would work. My dad was able to get Ven05 front and rear brakes on an old BRM so I would think anything is possible.

(Nik Goodfellow) #4

Hopefully you don’t mind me questioning why you think the ven99 brakes suck for TAG senior. They were considered one of the best brake systems for similar classes (rotax, KF) and with the front brakes where considered market leading for the shifter classes.

What is making you think they suck, it may be easier to fix that problem then get the ven04 to fit?

(James McMahon) #5

Hey thanks for taking the time to come back and post what you figured out :facepunch:

(Nicholas Bushnell) #6

Parts are coming obsolete, my bores are worn, my rotor is well used. The brake system is simply old and tired. Ven05 is arguable the best brake system on the market and since i have the system in hand i want to use it. As for using a mill and lathe i know nobody here in NJ, everyone i know is on long island NY. Im 99% sure i just need to get the ven04 caliper bracket and spacer.
Update: Comet kart sales go back to me to say they do not have the ven04 caliper bracket in stock and is no longer made. I been busy but will be searching around else where for one. I will update when i can.

(Nicholas Bushnell) #7

I did find someone selling 3 newer crg frames that are ment for the complete (besides frame) parts that i picked up. Seller has been on vacation and awaiting to see his final prices plus shipping per frame. Worse case scenario i just update my frame sooner than i wanted to. Still need an X30 though if i want to get serious.